Tin Ceiling - In Progress!

We have been blessed with wonderful clients. Many of them are like family to us and we are eternally grateful for their trust, their friendship and their love of fine craftsmanship. This particular house is filled with the most wonderful people. Over the next several posts, I'll be telling the story of their home - the Victorian House. First - a little background:

We began working with this family over seven years ago. They had purchased a lovely home. It was, however, a home built on spec - bare white walls, too small casings, no mouldings at all. The family had a dream of living in a beautifully restored Victorian home but had no desire to live with all the work an old home requires. Over these last seven years we have worked in every room, turning this once boring residence into the Victorian dwelling they have always desired.

The most recent project has been the kitchen. We worked closely with the family, ensuring that every detail was just right. The work still continues in that room, but I wanted to give a sneak peek. First up - the tin ceiling. This ceiling has been the most fun aspect of the entire room. After (very) careful measuring, the order was placed through W.F. Norman. For anyone with a love of beautiful catalogues - theirs are among the best I've seen - keepers, for sure! This ceiling is comprised of four pieces - cornice, filler, trim and field. Each piece is hand nailed into a webbing of wood that was constructed to support the tin. Although I love the bare metal, the family is having this ceiling painted and I am sure it will be gorgeous. The man-hours on this project alone were epic, but well worth it in the end. I can't wait to reveal the completed ceiling!

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