Finding Your House Style

Sometimes when we meet with clients, they're not really sure what their style is. They know it when they see it, but might not know how to put it into words. I'm happy to announce that PCW has put together eight different INSPIRATION Pinboards, each showcasing a specific style.

Focusing on the major themes of design and construction, these eight style boards are a great tool for learning more about your design preferences.  

The building industry has a very specific jargon - and it can, at times, be difficult for a client and contractor to get on the same page.  The builder might be using the industry term and the client might not really know exactly how to explain what they want, but by using visuals, everyone can arrive at the same place, much sooner.

In fact, many clients don't really know or don't even care what their baseboard profile might be, but they know the feeling they want to their home to have.  Once we determine what the client loves, it's much easier for us to put together a design that evokes that feeling they're looking for.

The inspiration boards are:

Click on any of the styles to see more examples of each theme.  We'll be adding more inspiration photos daily!  Take a look - the images that appeal to you most will be in line with your personal design style - and you might be surprised!  

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