The House That Mim Built

We're getting ready to start a very fun project. Well, all of our projects are pretty fun - we get to transform spaces every day! But this project is a just little more special because we're building a new home for my mom. Our kids call her Mim, and she's decided to blog about the progress, too. You can follow her at The House That Mim Built.
We were part of the first house my mom built over 10 years ago. She loved that house and she really loved the building process. So when it became apparent that she was ready to move, the decision was a little bittersweet. She had to say goodbye to her perfect cottage, but was looking forward to planning and building her new home.
Serendipity played a hand in the process - I posted her home for sale on facebook when it went on the market, a friend from school saw it, made an appointment to see it the next day and put in an offer! The first person who saw it, bought it! And it's just a perfect home for her family, too.
So with that step out of the way, Mim located an undeveloped parcel of land in a great neighborhood. At just over an acre, her new property is nestled behind a row of mature evergreens - totally a secret garden!
Over the last few months we've been planning, designing, altering, scouting, sourcing and we've finally settled on a plan (stay tuned for photos!) that amplifies everything she loved about her last house and alters the things that didn't work well. It has a large screened room and deck for outside living. The kitchen, dining room and living room are all open, allowing for large family gatherings at the holidays. I'm so excited to share the plans as well as the palette of finishes she's selected. It's going to be just lovely and completely reflective of her personality.
The lot is being cleared this week and then the house will be sited and staked and the permits finalized. Digging can begin after that.
We're all very excited for this process and am glad to share it with you. From design to reality, join us as we track The House that Mim Built!

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  1. Pam, It all sounds very exciting! Lots of work but fun, too. Glad to follow along as your new home is put together and you add your own special touches! I'm sure it will be LOVELY!


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