Project Idea - Built In Cabinetry

This is the first Project Idea Blog Entry. I thought I'd start with something fairly straightforward - built in cabinetry. Once upon a time, even very inexpensive homes included built ins in several areas. Commonly found in dining rooms and living rooms, although many bedrooms boasted built in dressers, also. Most homes today come complete with four bare walls in every room. Each of the cabinets detailed below stand where there was once just a wall and all are found in quite new homes. The beautiful thing about built in cabinetry is that it can serve so many purposes, from display case to bookshelf to liquor cabinet.

Victorian Oak Shelving with Multi Piece Moulding
Music Room

Custom Painted Bookcases (for an author, of course!)

Victorian Oak Hutch
Dining Room

Oak Liquor Cabinet

Victorian Oak Window Seat
Music Room

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